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Having to walk away from food you love because you have to eat specific food with a certain calorie count seriously sucks!

I get your point.. But you know what? I think it’s totally possible to enjoy the food you love and not have to suffer for each bite and count calories


  • You want to stop skin breakouts, tummy bloating, and mood swings

  • You want to learn about different food, understand what you are putting in your body and never have to diet ever!

  • You want to stop stepping on your scale every morning, stop obsessing about your weight and stop talking low to yourself

If only you can take that for granted..

After I quit smoking, got rid of my sever migraine, and healed my irritable colon. I now know how hard it is to change your lifestyle.. but.. I really never want to go back..



  • You are feeling okay in the morning, sleepy mid day and nearly dead end of day!

  • You get excited about joining a gym, use it a couple of times, then you just stop going

  • You think you are eating healthy, but your body is not happy and the weight doesn’t seem to change

  • You’re not feeling confident about your skin and you’re wearing foundation all day everyday and you hate it

  • Some days your tummy feels slim, other days you’re feeling bloated and you need to extend the opening of your jeans!

  • You yoyo diet throughout the year, quite half way through and start all over with a brand new diet

  • You get serious mood swings, makes you want to eat the entire fridge and get high on sugar!

If that’s the way you’re feeling right now, then you’re in the right place!

Wellness beginner is a 4 month 1:1 over the phone coaching for determined women who are in their 30’s, who probably just tried every diet out there then quit and start eating like CRAP; junk food, sugar, & white carbs. Who prefer to sit on the couch, watch tv and binge eat chips than do any sorts of exercise. Who complain, make excuses and blame everyone else when they are down. You know who you are, sure you aren’t necessarily overweight, or lazy or careless.. But you know you can feel better, you know you can feel fuller about yourself and you know you can feel happier about your body and your life.

Imagine if:

  • You never had to diet, or count calories, or walk away from food you love

  • You knew how to control your cravings, listen to your body and attend to it

  • You knew the truth behind your bloating, skin breakouts and sudden weight gain

  • You knew how to prepare tasty healthy meals, that are not boring, and will impress your loved ones

  • You stopped obsessing about your weight, tossed your scale, and never thought of yourself as a number

  • You enjoyed eating a good for you dessert that is yummy! without having a sugar crush, or feeling guilty, or feeling gross!

That’s exactly how your life will look when you enrol in wellness beginner!

In Wellness beginner, I introduce you to a holistic approach to nutrition & health, as well as help you better understand & support your own unique body. The program is a 16-week 1:1 over the phone coaching for determined women who want to figure out what lifestyle is right for them, create and recreate foods they love using healthier ingredients & transform into a healthy living mindset that will change their lives forever.

My 16-week 1:1 coaching includes two sessions/ month for 4 months total of 8 sessions x 90 minutes (one session every two weeks for 16 weeks).

After we agree we love working together, I will send you a form to fill out that includes some questions about you, your health and your goals. On our first coaching session, I will go through your answers to get a vision on what’s going on, pinpoint your goals and map it out throughout the 8-sessions that we will be working together on.

I like to start my sessions by asking you “what’s good and what’s new”. I listen to you, high five your achievements, & push you to overcome your fears and find solutions to your obstacles. We work together as a team; meaning, you bring your commitment and I will put my heart and soul in the guidance, education and support I give you.  At each session I will give you recommendations to try out to achieve your goals, in addition to that I have complimentary items to support you. The recommendation I give you will help you step by step to integrate these changes into your life. It’s based on bio individuality; meaning it’s designed to suit your individual needs. What works for others doesn’t necessarily have to work for you and visa versa.

The highly customized 8 sessions in 16 weeks period has proven to be very effective and you are more likely to succeed in meeting your health goals. I also designed our calls to be spaced out every two weeks because I do not want to overwhelm you. I want you to take baby steps into change, embrace it and not feel rushed. But you will also have my unlimited email support throughout the 4-month program.

Wellness beginner will teach you how to:

  • Cook meals you love using healthier ingredients, explore new dishes and smoothies

  • Clean up your pantry from hidden junk you never knew existed

  • Read labels and ingredient lists and know what is good and what is bad

  • Include physical activity and enjoy it

  • Treat food as medicine, and watch your body give back love

  • Learn about superfoods and how to include them

  • Prepare a good for you dessert! Bake or non bake

  • Apply self care into your daily life

What makes Wellness beginner the stand out choice for you?

The women I work with don’t necessarily need to lose weight, I do also help women who need to lose weight, or are happy with their weight. And the reason why, is because being thin doesn’t necessarily mean that you are healthy. I was one of those women, I was actually never overweight, but I had some fat on my belly and my body wasn’t happy, I also had migraines, my colon was irritated, I had digestive issues and most of all I had a very bad temperament.

I also remember how I used to carry a purse with medications everywhere I go. I had all kinds of medications that seriously a teenager shouldn’t be taking. I didn’t know I could be the person I am today with my lifestyle change! It’s like I never knew myself before.

It is true when they say, “You are what you eat” I also believe what’s more accurate is, “You are what you eat eat”. And “You are how you live”. So, I really emphasise on “food” despite how much you weigh, what matters to me most is what your body is telling you, you will learn how to listen to it, and attend to it. Only then you will see the changes that will take place.

I don’t believe in counting calories, I don’t believe in restrictive diets. That’s torture! You only live once right? Enjoy your food the right way and never worry about your weight again.

From weight perspective, you will lose weight if your body needs to, you may also need to gain a few pounds, or nothing.

Your skin will start to clear up, you will free your body from any over the counter medications and the diet pills because you really won’t need them. Your belly will feel happy and will flatten up because you are clearing up your body from trapped toxins. I will work with you on your physical activity routine, and you will commit because you love it. I will shift your mindset and the way you think of yourself and others. Remember that my approach is holistic; meaning I go beyond food and exercise to explore the many ways that you can improve the quality of life and find lasting health and happiness.  You will become a happier, more confident committed woman with a vision towards a healthier living always that it will become “Your Lifestyle”.. I choose to work with committed women, that are done with giving excuses, done with complaining and blaming others! If you think you are one, I will transform you!


Curious what my health bugs had to say?


My style of coaching, with all the guidance, information and accountability you need to truly transform is at your reach without having to juggle between other services. It’s a one stop shop where you get the profession of an educator, the strength of a personal trainer, the advice of a doctor backed with nutrition guidance, and skills of a healthy cook & baker!

For just $2000 or 4 x payments of $550

I only take 5 clients every third of a year. Why? Because I really want to give you my ALL.

Why wait? Give me one third of your year and I will make it the beginning of the best long lasting health journey.

Before you sign up, let’s make sure we love working together.

If you are a committed woman that is serious about living her life to the fullest. Hit the button below to arrange a free 20-minute first step call now.